Hello everyone,

We have been deeply affected by the testimony of everyone who has come forward with details about pervasive sexism, sexual harassment and abuse, and abuse of labor in the games industry this week. In response, we have begun to compile this list of resources. As a SIG, we represent trans and cis women, but we hope this list will be of value to the non-binary people, women, and men who have experienced similar issues and are looking for help.

We fully support Nathalie, Zoe, and Adelaide. We believe their stories and celebrate the bravery they have shown in publicly bringing their abusers to light.

We have opened DMs for the WIG SIG twitter account, and our email address is wigsig@igda.org . Any communication with us will be held in confidence, and we will do our best to support you, even if it’s just by giving a listening ear.

Also, starting this week we will be rolling out membership to the official IGDA WIG SIG Discord server. The application to join is available here: https://bit.ly/34drKHP 


IGDA Women in Games SIG Steering Committee



National Women’s Law Center – Times Up Legal Assistance (US) https://nwlc.org/legal-assistance/ 

Feminist Frequency support contact form: https://feministfrequency.com/support/

Online Security / Harassment Prevention

Feminist Frequency Online Safety – Speak Up & Stay Safe(r) https://onlinesafety.feministfrequency.com/en/ 

Mental Health Support

TakeThis Mental Health Resources and Tools https://www.takethis.org/mental-health-resources/ 

SAMHSA’s National Helpline (US): 1-800-662-4357

International Association for Suicide Prevention:A list of suicide prevention resources around the world.

RAINN National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline 1-800-656-4673

The hotline number will connect you to a local (US) RAINN organization


Megan Nicolett (The Verge) @Megan_Nicolett

Cecilia D’Anastasio (Kotaku) @cecianasta


Centres Against Sexual Assault, find your nearest CASA through their website: http://www.casahouse.com.au/

Victorian Sexual Assault Crisis Line, 24 hours, a free call on 1800 806 292 (24 Hours). Diverts to CASA services during business hours. 

1800 RESPECT, a counselling service to those affected by sexual assault – 24 hours, call 1800 737 732 or visit http://www.1800respect.org.au/

Australian Human Rights Commission– infoline is 1300 656 419, or call (02) 9284 9888. 

Switchboard, a resource for LGBTQIA+ members to talk safely and anonymously about their issues – call 1800 184 527, http://www.switchboard.org.au/get-help/

Lifeline, 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention – 13 11 14

Beyondblue, mental health support – 1300 224 636

Thank you to Sav Emmett Wolfe, who compiled these Australian resources