This Friday at 8:30am PST, join the IGDA Women in Games SIG for our (usually) annual Women in Games roundtable. This roundtable will offer attendees the opportunity to share their lived experiences about working in games.

Women in Games
Allies: How to Find One, How to Be One Roundtable (Presented by the IGDA)

Date: Friday, July 23
Time: 8:30am – 9:30am
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Topic:  Advocacy
Format: Roundtable
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IGDA Women in Games SIG presents: The annual Women in Games roundtable! This year, the focus of our roundtable is on allyship. As women to women, as women to other underrepresented groups, as everyone else who wants to support women in the games industry and of all walks of life. The last year has taught us more than ever that success depends heavily on community and the allies we find within. Intersectionality is a step towards allyship, and allyship is the key to unlocking inclusive and diverse work environments. In this session, we will make room for discussions between women about allyship – how we want to be supported and how to support our intersectionality. We will make room to discuss what things we wished employers knew, how we can be allies to one another and how others can be allies to us.


Attendees of this year’s session of the IGDA Women in Games SIG roundtable walk away with having a had a chance to discuss allyship specifically tailored towards support of women in a professional setting, the ability to voice concerns, feelings, grievances and success stories among one another for the sake of education. The session is meant to be informative of lifting up women’s voices in regards to their unique challenges and we aim to learn from one another and find strength in the stories of each other’s successes.

Intended Audience

The intended audience for this session are women working in the games industry, women looking to break into the games industry or women interested in the game development field in any capacity. We explicitly invite other marginalized genders to be part of this session, but would like to once more ask cisgender men attending to use the opportunity to listen and learn.