Woman in hijab holds mouse in one hand and a dagger in another

Shocking and awesome: WIG SIG profiles Saudi programmer Sara M.

A Saudi developer, Sara M. worked on a game titled Lima and Ripo. The game won the second place at a local development competition with Sony Saudi Arabia. She’s currently working at a development studio with Semanoor, developers of Unearthed. THIS PROFILE WAS...
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The Act of Unlearning: WIG SIG Profiles CEO Laxmi Khanolkar

Laxmi Khanolkar is the CEO and Co-Founder of Apar Games, based in India. During her career as a producer and graphic designer, Laxmi has worked across various platforms, including 3D games, online games, and mobile games.

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Yurie Inoue

Words of encouragement matter! WIG SIG profiles programmer Yurie Inoue

Yurie Inoue is a programmer based out of Tokyo. With experience setting up servers and programming on platforms ranging from Playstation 2 to PC, Inoue is currently developing games for mobile.

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The IGDA Women in Games (WIG) Special Interest Group (SIG) was formed to create a positive impact on the game industry with respect to gender balance in the workplace and the marketplace. The IGDA WIGSIG offers community, resources and opportunities to those already in the games industry, as well as people seeking to break into the business.

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