GDC 2018 Scholarship Applications OPEN

“The IGDA Foundation is excited to announce that applications for its IGDA Scholars, Women in Games Ambassadors, and Next Gen Leaders programs at GDC 2018 are OPEN! Each program includes an All-Access GDC pass, thanks to the generosity of UBM Tech Media, a...
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Rachmaninoff and Mario: WIG SIG profiles programmer Kaitlyn Burnell

Kaitlyn Burnell is a video game programmer, Canadian, and Mathematician. Based in San Diego, she currently enjoys Starcraft 2, Magic the Gathering, and Heroes of the Storm. Originally posted January 17, 2014 Name: Kaitlyn Burnell Vocation: Senior Programmer Years of...
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Not finished making things: Centipede co-creator Dona Bailey

In her professional life, Dona Bailey was a microprocessor programmer in the 1980s, and she is now a faculty member in the department of Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She enjoys writing and creating digital artifacts of all types....
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The IGDA Women in Games (WIG) Special Interest Group (SIG) was formed to create a positive impact on the game industry with respect to gender balance in the workplace and the marketplace. The IGDA WIGSIG offers community, resources and opportunities to those already in the games industry, as well as people seeking to break into the business.

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Be a part of the Women in Games community. Your involvement in our community brings us closer to the goal of building greater awareness amongst our peers and colleagues of relevant programs, issues and opportunities that serve to help diversify the state of game development.

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