Don’t call it luck: WIG SIG profiles producer Lisy Kane

Lisy Kane is the producer at Melbourne based indie game studio League of Geeks, known for their 2015 title Armello. As well as this she is the co-founder of social enterprise startup, Girl Geek Academy. She was recently named one of 2016’s Forbes 30 Under 30 for...
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Make the change: IGDA WIG SIG profiles level designer Katya Pateva

Katya Pateva is a level designer working for Ubisoft Sofia. She’s worked exclusively in AAA development, and earned her first credit at the ripe old age of 21. She currently lives with her cats in Sofia, Bulgaria working on an unannounced project. Name: Katya...
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Follow your dreams: WIG SIG profiles indie dev Samantha Kalman

Samantha Kalman is an independent Artistic Technologist and founder of Timbre Interactive, LLC. She is a self-taught game designer, programmer, and musician. Her current project is Sentris, a unique puzzle game funded via Kickstarter that’s intended to help everybody...
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The IGDA Women in Games (WIG) Special Interest Group (SIG) was formed to create a positive impact on the game industry with respect to gender balance in the workplace and the marketplace. The IGDA WIGSIG offers community, resources and opportunities to those already in the games industry, as well as people seeking to break into the business.

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