Meet Jennika Cederholm, level designer! Since posting this interview four weeks into her first job in the industry, Jennika Cederholm has gone on to work at King.

Please note this interview was originally posted December 2, 2013

Name: Jennika Cederholm
Vocation: Level Designer
Years of experience: 8 months internship, 4 weeks employee
Location: Fatshark, Stockholm Sweden

Shipped Game Titles: War of the Roses: Kingmaker, Unmechanical iOS

1. What are you currently reading and/or playing? 
The first book in the Game of Thrones book series after being hooked from the TV-show. My favorite game Alice Madness Returns for the third time…

2. First time you knew you wanted to work in games was…?
Three years ago when I met my boyfriend who was a level designer, and he told me about the game industry in Sweden. I had no idea you could make games here for a living!

3. What was your favorite mistake?
I spent a whole night and several hours the day after tweeking the lighting on my portfolio level without noticing I forgot to enable post processing, making it all backwards and wrong. I learned that during crunch, the brain still needs sleep!

4. What was your favorite success?
Got accepted at Futuregames, Stockholm where I met so many glorious people and made a way into the industry.

5. What’s the best advice you ever got?
Save and backup your work. And then save again, and again.

6. Share one thing few know about you.
I love Elvis Presley’s peanut butter and banana sandwich fried in oil.

7. What’s one thing or trend you’re most excited about in the industry?
Apocalypse world games, with or without zombies.

8. Anything else you want to add?
First time I played Slender me and a friend were alone late at shhool, playing it in a dark room on a projector. When I saw Slender Man the first time I screamed like a small dog being stepped on, threw the mouse over the desk, and pressed all buttons on the keyboard so I accidentally closed the game so we had to start at the beginning…

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