Laxmi Khanolkar is the CEO and Co-Founder of Apar Games, based in India. During her career as a producer and graphic designer, Laxmi has worked across various platforms, including 3D games, online games, and mobile games.


Name: Laxmi Khanolkar
Vocation: CEO, via art and production
Years of experience: 15 years
Location: India

Shipped Game Titles:
Empire of a Billionaire, Secret of the Royal Throne
and many more but these are the ones closer to my heart.

1. What are you currently reading and/or playing? 
Empire of a Billionaire, Room — both on my Nexus5.

2. First time you knew you wanted to work in games was…?
One of my first assignments was to develop an interactive activity for kids, and though a junior artist then, I was part of the conceptualizing team. And I designed a couple of games for kids, which were well received. I was really kicked with the stuff that I did. This way, before I could realize it, I was already into “Gaming.”

3. What was your favorite mistake?
Can’t think of any at this point.

4. What was your favorite success?
I am usually very happy with all the reviews my games get. Each time I am able to make my player happy, I succeed. If you ask me my favorite success in all time, I think it is yet to come.

5. What’s the best advice you ever got?
“Master the act of un-learning before you go to learn more about anything.” One of my professors used to say this. This advice has helped me over and over in my career.

6. Share one thing few know about you.
Well, I am yet to discover that one thing ☺

7. What’s one thing or trend you’re most excited about in the industry?
Gaming is one of the most competitive and ever changing industries. This nature of the industry excites me. Due to the penetration of smartphones and Internet, there is a lot of scope to quickly experiment with game engine or gameplay or story and get player feedback instantly. Your experiment could be the next big thing. Maybe a new trendsetter. You never know!

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