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Far, far beyond: WIG SIG profiles Game of the Year designer Elizabeth Hargrave

Elizabeth Hargrave is a board game designer. Her game, Wingspan from Stonemaier Games, won the prestigious 2019 Kennerspiel des Jahres (Game of the Year).

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In Response to Sexism, Abuse, and Harassment: Resources for Mental Health, Legal Support, and More

We have been deeply affected by the testimony of everyone who has come forward with details about pervasive sexism, sexual harassment and abuse, and abuse of labor in the games industry this week. In response, we have begun to compile this list of resources.

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Juan Du

Keep exploring: WIG SIG profiles producer Juan Du

Samantha is the producer/operating manager who handles all kinds of game-dev outsourcing and technical connections with SDK on different release platforms (iOS/Android). She has been working for 3 years at EA’s PopCap Shanghai. Previously, she worked in a variety of roles, from game designer to PM. She has shipped several game products in Console/PC Online/Web at PopCap Shanghai, Ubisoft Shanghai, Shanda, and Real Networks Beijing.

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The IGDA Women in Games (WIG) Special Interest Group (SIG) was formed to create a positive impact on the game industry with respect to gender balance in the workplace and the marketplace. The IGDA WIGSIG offers community, resources and opportunities to those already in the games industry, as well as people seeking to break into the business.

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Be a part of the Women in Games community. Your involvement in our community brings us closer to the goal of building greater awareness amongst our peers and colleagues of relevant programs, issues and opportunities that serve to help diversify the state of game development.

Speaker Bureau

We’re consolidating a more diverse list of speakers for game development and tech events. Throw your hat into the ring by clicking here.

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